Ideas on How to Get Your Friends & Family to Donate

Fundraising Tools for Students and Parents


                HOW TO REGISTER
                HOW TO SEND EMAILS
                HOW TO USE THE MOBILE APP

HOW TO REGISTER - Register and create a webpage and YOU will raise more life-saving donations! Here's how to get started…
Step 1: Log in to your HeadQuarters web page by visiting
Step 2: Find your school and sign up.  Select your state and then your city or the first letter of your school's name from the drop-down menu.
Step 3: When you find your school, click Join Team.
Step 4: Create your login.

    If you participated last year, click Yes under Option 1.
    If you did not participate last year, fill in the information under Option 2.  Choose a username and password that you can remember.  Select and answer a security question.

Step 5: Complete your profile.
Step 6: Set your goal.  How much do you think you can raise?  Add your own donation amount in the Be the First One section.
Step 7: Review the Waiver/Agreement with your parents and click I Agree to accept it.
You are registered!  Click Continue to go to your HeadQuarters where you can personalize your webpage, send emails and use social media.

HOW TO SEND EMAIL - YOU can raise more life-saving donations by emailing your friends and family! Here’s how to send Emails…
Step 1: Log in to your HeadQuarters web page by visiting and locating the log in area.
Step 2: Click on the Send Emails button under the Steps to Fundraising Success section of your My HQ page.
Step 3: Type in your friend or family member’s name in the Greeting text box and their email address in the Recipient Email text box. You may add up to 100 recipients at a time.
              Note: You may import your email contact address book by clicking on the Address Book link.
Step 4: Choose an email template by clicking the drop down arrow next to the word Template.  You can preview how the emails will look with your greeting.
Step 5: Customize your email template by telling your story. 
              Note: You may save a draft of your customized email message by clicking the ‘Save As’ link next to the Template drop down arrow.
Step 6: Click the Send Email button to send your email message to your family and friends.

Step 1: Log in to your Head Quarters web page by visiting and locating the log in area.
Step 2: Click the image beneath E-Card Challenge to go to your E-Card building page.
Step 3: Make your card.  Choose your character, background and add your own picture if you want to.  Be sure to have your parents' permission.  Take a heart-health challenge and write a message or use the one that's provided.  Add email recipients or click Share on Facebook.

This is a way for you to fundraise with your mobile phone.  Once you download the app you can send emails, text messages or post to social media directly from your mobile phone.